A Supreme Matter

A recent event offers insight into the actual costs of the recent Supreme Court confirmation.

Reports indicate that a mysterious foreign corporation owned by another nation is fighting a Mueller subpoena that, it claims, requires it to violate the laws of that nation. A District Court judge and three Circuit Court judges concluded that these sovereign immunity claims lack merit, but Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts decided on the Sunday before Christmas to block the unanimous decisions of these courts until the U.S. government could respond.

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Winners and Losers

Senate Democrats should insist upon a compelling case for why they should show greater respect for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee than the Republicans had for President Obama’s. Once convinced, they should hold hearings, ask pointed questions, and then vote on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch. No one wins when the political process is suspended.

What Democracy Looks Like

Women’s March on Chicago 2017

I decided to attend the Chicago Women’s March last weekend after listening to inaugural day speeches.

President Trump, in his inaugural address, endorsed a “new vision” of “only America first” at a time of unprecedented interconnectivity. Former President Obama later affirmed his “faith in American people” and belief in “bottom-up” change to his staff and supporters, who, he said, “proved the power of hope” throughout his campaign and terms.  Continue reading “What Democracy Looks Like”