Time To Pass?

Many have recently remarked about the recent MoviePass shenanigans.

MoviePass, which began in 2011, became much more popular about a year ago when it offered any movie each day, or any 28-31 movies, for around $10 each month. That was the point I became a subscriber. Since then, it has adjusted its terms, which this week became “up to three standard movies,” including some but not all “major studio first-run films,” and “up to $5.00 discount to any additional movie tickets” each month.  Continue reading “Time To Pass?”

Just Around The Corner

Two movies have excited me since I saw them. The first is Lady Bird, which is a sweetly sad story about the love between a mother and a daughter who is searching for her identity. The other is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, which is an unexpectedly inspiring story about the grit of a woman who refuses to succumb to tragedy. Continue reading “Just Around The Corner”

Not My Mother

Some critics are trying to imbue mother! with significance, but these critics seem to disagree on what this significance is.

Mother! is the new movie written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, who also directed The Wrestler (2008) and Black Swan (2010). In his latest movie, a blocked poet (Javier Bardem) and his unnamed wife (Jennifer Lawrence) live in his home that she has been restoring after a destructive fire. A dying doctor (Ed Harris) and later his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their sons appear, and their fight over a revised will is the beginning of a narrative disintegration that is inexplicably, and unsatisfyingly, explained in the final scenes.

Continue reading “Not My Mother”