The CTA Can’t?

145px-Chicago_Transit_Authority_Logo.svgThree #82 buses were bunched at the Kimball Brown Line stop when the Brown Line train was arriving yesterday morning. The last two could be seen driving away through the train window, and the next #82 was bunched with another #82 thirteen minutes away.  Continue reading “The CTA Can’t?”

Cheating, Integrity, and Adults

Local reactions to the loss of the Little League national title by the Jackie Robinson West team have ranged from the reasonable to the regrettable or worse, but local leaders have made the situation worse.

A Little League investigation, as has been widely reported, determined that the team had falsified its boundaries to add players, used this map for the 2014 tournament, and conspired with surrounding leagues in support of this effort. As a result, it suspended the team manager, removed league officials, and gave the title to a Las Vegas team.

Some have suggested that racism motivated the investigation of this team, which was the first all African American team to win the national championship.

Saint Sabina pastor Michael Pfleger called it a “witch hunt,” and he and others, such as Rainbow Push Coalition Founder and President Jesse Jackson, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, and Illinois State Representative Monique Davis have called for the return of the title and even threatened lawsuits. Continue reading “Cheating, Integrity, and Adults”

The State of Language Today

They can often be seen chatting with customers or co-workers behind glass windows as they work on others’ nails. Many of these manicurists and pedicurists are Asian, so I was surprised by the recent report that Illinois might begin offering these licensing exams in Asian languages — these exams aren’t already offered in other languages besides English? Continue reading “The State of Language Today”