O Holy Night

So much debate about the reason for the season, such as the Starbucks cup kerfuffle, seems incomplete at best. Christmas, I learned from Stephen Nissenbaum, originates as a pagan carnival for drinking, eating, and gift-giving, and it was initially banned by American Puritans and later appropriated by them and others, such as entrepreneurs. It’s beginning to look like a good holiday again, a time when the faithful come a-wassailing and bearing gifts to jingle bells, deck the halls, and wish a Merry Christmas to all.

Walking Away

For over thirty years, I’ve used running to survive my teenage years, graduate school, and my own teens, and yet I’ve often considered replacing it with another option, such as walking, but failed to do so.

Part of the problem involves accounts from other people. For example, one of my brothers, who is a recent nursing school graduate, told me that he doesn’t understand why anyone under fifty would walk as exercise and that walking wouldn’t achieve a high enough heart rate. My physician, when I reported my efforts and my brother’s response, said that she agreed with my brother and that I need something more substantial.

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