Economic Fairness and April First

A recent Tribune editorial characterizes the Chicago Teachers Union call for an April first job action as a “Tantrum Day,” and it dismisses this call by suggesting that most Chicago workers cannot whimsically decide to stay home because they’re “upset about conditions.”

CPS teachers in fact have been asked to join other educators, social service providers, nursing home employees, and other workers in a coalition that foregrounds the costs of the current budget impasse in Illinois and calls for fairer funding for these public services and public goods. As such, this action is part of a larger debate about the future of both the State of Illinois and, some suggest, the public sector more generally.  Continue reading “Economic Fairness and April First”

Assessing Assessments

CAM00021Near my home are intersections with marked crosswalks that we often use. While we wait, drivers often push past painted lines even though they’re legally required to stop for pedestrians, who in Illinois have the right of way at all crosswalks, even unmarked ones, which are designated as the spaces between ends of sidewalks on both sides of streets. Continue reading “Assessing Assessments”