From “Trump’s White House, A Bully’s Pulpit”

Of course, some Democrats and other public figures have also used overheated rhetoric. But as Mr. Trump has said a number of times about critics, “I’m president and they’re not.”

It may turn out that nothing the president said set off the person who has been detained and is suspected of sending pipe bombs to several people who criticized President Trump.

But all Americans have heard the president utter falsehoods, fan phony fears and conspiracy theories and use words to assail, insult and demean, rather than console, encourage or heal. So often, the president has turned his national bully pulpit into a bully’s pulpit.

Trump’s White House, A Bully’s Pulpit” by Scott Simon

Double Standards

I’m struck by the blatant hypocrisy of Republicans, such as Mitch McConnell, who complain about their sense that Democrats are seeking to delay this Supreme Court confirmation vote. McConnell and other Republicans had no hesitation when they delayed former President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, so their criticisms about any efforts to delay this vote suggest their double standard. At least he could have some sense of integrity if he would just proclaim that he beat the Democrats at the delaying game.