Learning From Losses

President Trump’s mid-term election characterizations — “Big Victory” and “very Big Win” and “great Midterm Election” — are disingenuous at best, but the bigger loss, I believe, was their lost opportunity.

The Republicans did win two to four U.S. Senate seats but did so with what has been called the most favorable Republican Senate election map as a result of redistricting, gerrymandering, and population shifts in over 100 years, but they lost control of half of the legislative branch. Moreover, the number of Republican women will likely decrease even as the number of women in Congress increased by at least ten. Even state-level results are mixed at best where Republicans won some important governor races, such as Florida and Ohio, but flipped none while losing at least seven, such as Wisconsin, Kansas, and Illinois. Continue reading “Learning From Losses”

Just Another Day

A parking enforcement officer was shining a flashing light at a car parked alongside the restaurant where I was standing. I couldn’t understand why, but I was distracted by my search for my friend. Then I noticed the officer approaching the car and shining the light directly on the driver until the driver started the car and drove away. “Acted like he ain’t EVER seen a black man before,” the officer said as he stepped onto the sidewalk and walked away. I decided not to ask if he had seen my friend.