Just Another Day

A parking enforcement officer was shining a flashing light at a car parked alongside the restaurant where I was standing. I couldn’t understand why, but I was distracted by my search for my friend. Then I noticed the officer approaching the car and shining the light directly on the driver until the driver started the car and drove away. “Acted like he ain’t EVER seen a black man before,” the officer said as he stepped onto the sidewalk and walked away. I decided not to ask if he had seen my friend.

Contracting Relations

I’m intrigued by the intersections of social and economic interests through texts, which attempt to capture or represent in two-dimensional forms messy, and multidimensional, human experience.

These conditions were recently evident when sellers had agreed to terms of a recent condo offer, which included a six month lease followed by the closing. My real estate agent submitted a signed offer, and the sellers reportedly showed their lawyer, who had approved and was adding local riders, which the sellers would send within the hour. Several hours later, the sellers informed the agent that they had received, and were going to accept, a higher offer even though they liked our offer better.  Continue reading “Contracting Relations”