Fake and Facts

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste. 1881. “Two Sisters (On The Terrace).” Art Institute of Chicago.

President Trump believes that he owns an authentic Renoir painting that is hanging in his apartment even though the actual painting was given in 1933 to, and currently hangs in, The Art Institute of Chicago.

President Trump maintains his belief even when he is presented with the fact that the authentic version hangs in Chicago, which is surprising. As someone who often complains about fake news, he ought to be a person who cares about facts.  Continue reading “Fake and Facts”

Mayor Of The Block

I was thinking of a recent Bucktown biting when I moved into the street to avoid an unleashed dog and a tall woman with gray hair and dark skin.

I’ve often seen her holding court on the corners with other dog-walkers. They always have theirs on leashes, and she usually has a red leash draped over neck. I lowered my head and resolved to say nothing. 

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