An Urban Warrior

I saw Eddie Bocanegra on the stairs after I had seen him on a screen. He had a few minutes, he said, before class, so we talked about his role in The Interrupters, a film about violence in Chicago neighborhoods that I had recently seen, and his experiences as a student. Then he went to his class while I continued to the bus stop. At that time, I was struck by how upfront and open he was, especially given his experiences, and I’ve sometimes wondered what he has been doing since his graduation. Now I know.

Communicating and Conversing

reclaiming (turkle 2015)I often use digital tools, advocate for their relevance to the humanities, and experiment with them in my classrooms.

These technologies can facilitate communication and cooperation that Robert Wright (2000) suggests are preconditions for social organization and cultural evolution. Continue reading “Communicating and Conversing”