Our Past and Our Future

I wonder how many people voted for Donald Trump and how many were voting for change.

Those who voted for Trump might already be disappointed because he seems to have reversed central campaign positions on the reality of climate change, for example, or prosecuting Hillary Clinton. These people must wonder what, if he feels so little loyalty to campaign positions so soon after the election, else he will do.  Continue reading “Our Past and Our Future”

What You See

girl-schumer-2016I appreciate its absurdities and liked its frankness. I just didn’t discover any depth, which prevented it from being an absurd comedy.

Perhaps that expectation, given its title, is absurdly inappropriate. However, Schumer has her own sketch comedy series, which has been nominated for several Emmy awards and won a Peabody award, and a movie, which was also nominated for a Writers Guild and Golden Globe awards.  Continue reading “What You See”