Time To Pass?

Many have recently remarked about the recent MoviePass shenanigans.

MoviePass, which began in 2011, became much more popular about a year ago when it offered any movie each day, or any 28-31 movies, for around $10 each month. That was the point I became a subscriber. Since then, it has adjusted its terms, which this week became “up to three standard movies,” including some but not all “major studio first-run films,” and “up to $5.00 discount to any additional movie tickets” each month.  Continue reading “Time To Pass?”


This tradition — listening to the NPR reading of “The Declaration” — is one I always anticipate each year.

Fake News and More Stories

“If you want a culture that’s going to take on fake news, and the political lie, I say as someone who teaches literature and history, what you need is a culture of the arts and humanity. What you need is more storytelling. What you need is more discourse. What you need is more imagination. What you need is more creation in that way, and more of a sense of what it is that ties us to those words and ties us to those stories.”

Lyndsey Stonebridge, “The Moral World In Dark Times: Hannah Arendt For Now” from On Being