Just Another Day

A parking enforcement officer was shining a flashing light at a car parked alongside the restaurant where I was standing. I couldn’t understand why, but I was distracted by my search for my friend. Then I noticed the officer approaching the car and shining the light directly on the driver until the driver started the car and drove away. “Acted like he ain’t EVER seen a black man before,” the officer said as he stepped onto the sidewalk and walked away. I decided not to ask if he had seen my friend.

Double Standards

I’m struck by the blatant hypocrisy of Republicans, such as Mitch McConnell, who complain about their sense that Democrats are seeking to delay this Supreme Court confirmation vote. McConnell and other Republicans had no hesitation when they delayed former President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, so their criticisms about any efforts to delay this vote suggest their double standard. At least he could have some sense of integrity if he would just proclaim that he beat the Democrats at the delaying game.

Time To Pass?

Many have recently remarked about the recent MoviePass shenanigans.

MoviePass, which began in 2011, became much more popular about a year ago when it offered any movie each day, or any 28-31 movies, for around $10 each month. That was the point I became a subscriber. Since then, it has adjusted its terms, which this week became “up to three standard movies,” including some but not all “major studio first-run films,” and “up to $5.00 discount to any additional movie tickets” each month.  Continue reading “Time To Pass?”