As If We Never Left

Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town, which is written and directed by Christian Papierniak, was a strange experience — it started promising but fizzled, as if it burned its intellectual, and financial, resources before reaching the end. 

In between, it introduced a series of intriguing characters who never contributed much, or at least as much as they could. Perhaps the most is Izzy’s (Mackenzie Davis) sister Virginia (Carrie Coon), who, having been found in flagrante delicto at her husband’s party, calls Izzy’s bluff, and then they agree, after being pressured by Izzy’s brother-in-law Bennett (Rob Huebel), to perform one of their songs before they ended their band, which is one of the best scenes.

Virginia drives Izzy the rest of the way to her ex-boyfriend’s (Alex Russell) engagement party to her ex-best friend, which is after all the reason for her journey from Santa Monica to Los Feliz in the first place. She not only manages to interrupt this plan but resume her relationship with Roger, at which point the story abandons all hope of innovation or insight. At the end, Izzy abandons Roger at a play that, as something of an emotional déjà vu, might remind her of their lives together, and she strides up the street presumably pondering some insight.

But what has she learned? Nothing seems especially obvious, which, after accompanying her across town, is confusing.

Izzy announced at the beginning that she believes in fate and destiny, which she uses to explain how she learned about the engagement party after a one-night stand. She awakens naked with someone whom she could like but doesn’t even know, it seems, in passing. Then she makes a series of persistent choices that seems to create, or at least contribute to, a future, which could just as easily explain her experiences. She seems, given the look on her face as she escapes from the theater at the end, to have no particular preference, and no interest in considering or knowing.

Izzy got across town, in other words, but ends up more or less where she started.

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