Fake and Facts

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste. 1881. “Two Sisters (On The Terrace).” Art Institute of Chicago.

President Trump believes that he owns an authentic Renoir painting that is hanging in his apartment even though the actual painting was given in 1933 to, and currently hangs in, The Art Institute of Chicago.

President Trump maintains his belief even when he is presented with the fact that the authentic version hangs in Chicago, which is surprising. As someone who often complains about fake news, he ought to be a person who cares about facts. 

Moreover, this situation seems so trivial, at least in relation to other situations in his daily life, unless of course it isn’t — does it challenge his reputation as a savvy businessman? Could he feel threatened by the possibility that he could have been fooled into purchasing a fake painting in a way that questions his reputation?

His insistence, regardless of the reason, is discouraging. If our President cannot confront reality in this situation, what are the chances he will in others that have much higher stakes?

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