To Vacay Or Not To Vacay

More than half of Americans (54%), according to Project: Time Off, ended 2016 with unused vacation time although that was slightly less than those (55%) who did the previous year. Americans had 662 unused vacation days in 2016, which represents $66.4 billion in benefits, or an average $604 work time donation to employers.

Some won’t vacation because they are apprehensive about their employment. However, those who take 11 or more vacation days, as reported in the Harvard Business Review, are 30% more likely to receive raises and be promoted.

The benefits of vacations, particularly planned vacations, include increased productivity at work and more satisfaction and less stress at home. For me, the most enjoyable part is the mental break,  which often provides new perspectives and even sometimes insights.

I sometimes wonder whether I can justify the cost of a vacation, and then I remember that a planned break, even an inexpensive week visiting family, can be inexpensive and invaluable, and something I cannot afford to avoid.

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