New American Plays In Chicago

I am excited to learn that two selections for the 41st Humana Festival of New American Plays will be produced in Chicago soon.

One is We’re Gonna Be Okay by Basil Kreimendahl at American Theater Company from 25 January to 04 March 2018. The other is Cry It Out by Molly Smith Metzler at Northlight Theatre from 10 May to 17 June 2018.

I’m still awaiting my favorite 41st Festival play — Airness by Chelsea Marcantel — which was one of my most joy-filled evenings in a theater. This play apparently appealed to others, so perhaps I will see it again in Chicago soon.

To Vacay Or Not To Vacay

More than half of Americans (54%), according to Project: Time Off, ended 2016 with unused vacation time although that was slightly less than those (55%) who did the previous year. Americans had 662 unused vacation days in 2016, which represents $66.4 billion in benefits, or an average $604 work time donation to employers.

Some won’t vacation because they are apprehensive about their employment. However, those who take 11 or more vacation days, as reported in the Harvard Business Review, are 30% more likely to receive raises and be promoted. Continue reading “To Vacay Or Not To Vacay”

Googling The Future

Anyone concerned about the digital future should welcome the recent record-setting fine of Google by EU antitrust officials.

Google had been accused of using its search engine, which reportedly has 90 percent of the market, to prioritize its own online shopping service. As a result, the use of the Google service increased dramatically — 45 percent in the UK, for example — while the use of its competitors’ services decreased — 85 percent in the UK, and these changes, according to the European Commission, cannot be explained by other factors. Continue reading “Googling The Future”